Voice & Matter Conference

Last week I presented my PhD research at 'Voice and Matter: Global Conference on Communication and Develpment' hosted by Ørecomm in Malmo and Copenhagen.

I shared a panel with three researchers investigating participatory video, and it was great to highlight the innovative ways that interactive documentary is pushing the boundaries of collaborative storytelling as well as to learn more about the work of others in this area.


I spoke about interactive documentary marking a shift from participation towards co-creation, using Quipu Project as an example. (If you haven't heard of Quipu, please, please watch this video - it's a pioneering project in many ways.)

Other highlights from the conference included a stimulating keynote speech from Stefania Milan on tech activism, and a call to deeper engagement with media ethnography from Jo Tacchi.*

The panel session is available to view here (my presentation begins at 49:00).

*Also, the best conference snacks EVER.